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Build Your Brand With A Blog Copy

Do you want your customers to come to your brand website weekly? Thought so.

Want your webshop to come up top when people search for your type of product online? Thought so again!

Well, there’s one thing that can help you do that – a brand blog.

Blogging is one of the safest ways to help your online fashion business grow.

By consistently creating content (preferably at least once a week) on your blog, your customers will get accustomed to visiting your website weekly. This will increase your brand awareness and your sales. 

See your blog as a weekly online magazine. Your customers will have to come to your website to check out the content, learn something, get inspired, maybe motivated, or just to be part of your world and tribe. You can compare your blog to a shop window in a physical store. If you know the window changes regularly, you want to go back and see what’s new. 

Another reason why you should start a blog asap is to help your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It will help your page rank higher when people search on Google. And when people search on Google, they search with intent. They are actively looking for something they need or want. Meaning – they are much more likely to buy the product they are looking for instead of just scrolling away like on social media. 

And you know what? Fashion is one of the most popular topics to blog about, giving you endless content ideas to blog about. 

We get this question all the time: What should I blog about? 

Anything related to your products, your brand, and your customers’ lifestyle. Think about your blog as an extension of your brand. It should have the same values and tone of voice. It’s important to be consistent both in the way you write, use pictures or videos and your products. Everything you do should be On-Brand!

To give you some inspiration, we have created a list of other apparel brand blogs. We find these interesting, and think they can provide a great source of inspiration:

  • https://jcrew.tumblr.com
  • https://www.toryburch.eu/blog/torys-blog.html
  • https://www.mrporter.com/en-se/journal
  • https://www.goop.com
  • https://www.anthropologie.com/stories
  • https://blog.freepeople.com
  • https://www.frankandoak.com/handbook
  • https://magazine.saturdaysnyc.com

Your content should be unique to your brand, its story, and its products. It’s also a plus if the content is educational and entertaining. Again see it as a magazine, with beautiful pictures, interesting articles. 

And lastly, here are 4 final tips for your blog:

Write the content in an easy way. Like you would talk to your friend. It’s a blog, not a master’s thesis.

Preferably write the blog posts yourself – especially in the beginning. By doing this, you will learn your style, and you will keep your tone of voice cohesive. You will also see what resonates with your visitors and what doesn’t. After a while, you can outsource this or have guest blog writers, whatever suits you best. 

Consistency is KEY! Like everything in business, consistency is essential when it comes to blogging. You want your customers to know the exact day of posting so they can look forward to consuming your content as soon as it’s published. 

Preferably you can choose one or two days a week, and batch-write content for your blog and schedule it out so you can be consistent and not miss your deadlines. 

Talk about your posts! Let people know that you have a blog. Send it out in your newsletters, talk about it on your social media. Make your customers create the routine to return to your website every day of the blog release. 

Your blog will give you so much more to talk about than just your products. It will be an incredible marketing tool. And for those who dislike selling, because they feel pushy or slimy, now you can insert your products in your content in a natural, authentic way. 

Blog tips

Lifestyle – travel, interest, art, food:

  • travel destinations where your garments would be perfect to wear
  • activities your target customer could do in your garments, or places they could go to in wearing your garments
  • talk about artists or music that has inspired your garments
  • food tips or snacks that would be perfect for bringing to an activity where your target customer would wear your garments
  • talk about your product history – history of the shirt, history of the little black dress, history of the suit jacket….

Company values and mission:

  • talk about sustainability and the quality of your products
  • talk about the reason WHY you started your brand
  • what is the problem you are solving with your products and brand
  • how are your target customers feeling in your garments – pretty, strong, empowered, free….
  • talk about why your brand is unique and what it can offer that no other brand can

Behind the scenes – Design and product development:

  • talk about why you designed exactly those designs
  • talk about the material choices
  • talk about the design choices
  • talk about why you picked those prints/designs/fit/details…
  • explain the design and product development process, the ups and the downs
  • talk about the final product and why you love it so much
  • talk about the craftsmanship of the product
  • What are your favorite tool and why

Behind the scenes – Company and business:

  • talk about your entrepreneur journey
  • talk about the name of your business, what it means, where it comes from and why you chose it
  • talk about what you are trying to do with your brand – your mission and vision
  • talk about unique selling points with your brand and products
  • what music are you listening to when you work on your business
  • talk and show general behind the scenes when designing your styles, at photoshoots, at the factory etc
  • What are your favorite books and why


  • show pictures and talk about why exactly that design is important for you and for your target customer
  • go into detail on the product and the details and your choices
  • explain certain features
  • talk about the products when you do events, and what people are saying about them
  • Create: How To Wear….. posts and show different styling tips for a particular product


  • talk about some of the people and companies involved in making your products, like the material suppliers and the manufacturers. why you chose them and how they helped you
  • talk about people you work with today that help you grow your brand – web developer, mentor or coach, sales agents, photographers, etc
  • include customers and their stories and testimonials of your products
  • talk about your “muse” or an actual person that inspires you and is your target customer. they are your inspiration


  • You are the face of your brand and you are the brand
  • talk about your background and how it led up to starting your brand
  • talk about your values and what you believe in
  • talk about things you like 
  • talk about inspirational things and motivational things
  • talk about your day to day working on your brand
  • talk about what you do, for example, in one day when working on your brand
  • share personal stories that relate to your brand 
  • share your morning routine and your habits that keep you in your game to succeed with your brand