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Your membership fee is charged the first day you sign up.

For monthly members, the membership fee is automatically billed every month counting from your registration date.

For annual members, you will continue as a monthly member after one year counting from your registration date.



You can cancel your membership at any time but as outlined in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ please allow at least 48hrs prior to the date the charge is scheduled to withdraw. Any requests for cancelation made less than 48 hours before the automatic renewal is scheduled to charge your card, or made subsequent to the charge, will take effect the following month.

Your membership will continue until you cancel it. As a member you are entirely responsible for, and handling, your own cancellation, depending on how long you want to stay a member. When you cancel, you will have access the remaining time of your current membership period.

Cancelations can only be managed by you here in this section. Cancelations are NOT handled by email to the AE team.

You have the opportunity to cancel your membership at any time, therefore there are NO retroactive refunds.

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