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      Esther van de Poll

      Recently found this Eco Friendly Textile Manufacturer. have requested samples 🙂
      “Amni Soul Eco’s secret is its enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula, developed by the research efforts of the Rhodia-Solvay group, which enables garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills.”

      Perhaps one for the “Find Suppliers” section ? (or maybe it is already there)

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      Klas Kristiansson

      Hope the samples are good. We will soon add more suppliers to the list, and I’ll make sure to include this one. Thanks!

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      Nadine Schratzberger

      Dear Members,

      I am curently searching for Echo friendly suppliers WHO Sell Nylons And Mesh.

      Do have someone recommendations ?

      Kind Regards Nadine

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      Klas Kristiansson

      Hi Nadine,

      I suggest you take a look at the following suppliers and contact them to see if they have what you are searching for:
      M.I.T.I in Italy

      LMA in Portugal
      Phone: +351 917 766 765

      IBQ Fabrics in Spain
      Phone: +34 937 360 960

      Effepi – Manifatura Effe Pi in Italy

      Eclat in Taiwan

      Carvico in Italy

      Sofileta in France


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      Esther van de Poll

      Great resource list Klas. In the mean time I received a response from the Solvay group for all the manufactures that use their Eco friendly Polyester fillaments.

      They send me the following list of manufacturers, hope it is of benefit to someone 🙂

      AMNI SOUL ECO® Producers
      – Company Website Company Contact email Zone/country
      Circular Knittings
      – SOFILETA SAS Mr. Dominique Heuillard > Europe/France
      – Maglificio CORNO SNC Mr. Giorgio Glessi > Europe/Italy
      – MAGLIFICIO RIPA SPA Mr. Luca Bianco > Europe/Italy
      – PONTETORTO SpA Mr. Marco Toccafondi > Europe/Italy

      – TEXTIMALHAS – Fabrico e Comercialização de Malhas, S.A. Ms. Maria João Neto > Europe Portugal

      – OLDTRADING, S.A. Mr. Francisco Pinheiro Europe Portugal

      Sportswear Socks
      – A. Fiuza & Irmaos Lda. Mr. João Fiusa > Europe Portugal

      – Manifatture Italiane Scudieri S.r.l. Mr. David Head Europe Italy

      Weaving SERATES
      – s.r.l. Mr. Matteo Ramundo > Europe Italy

      Weaving Denim
      – Orta Anadolu Tic. Ve San. iSl T.A.$. Mr. Ibrahim Günes > Europe Turkey

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      Nadine Schratzberger

      Thank you Both!!!

      Great suggestions. I will try them all!!

      cheers Nadine

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      Wendy Dubbeld
      @wendyd also has a quite an assortment in eco-friendly performance fabrics

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      Joonas Luotonen

      Hi all, I’m also looking for a sustainable fabric options for backpacks and other bags. My current plan is to use X-Pac, which is a great material but I honestly don’t know anything about its sustainability. It’s made by Dimension Polyant but I can’t find any info on X-Pac on their website. It’s strange really.

      Anyway, if you know very tough, lightweight, and waterproof fabrics that might also have i.e. BlueSign certification – please let me know!


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      Ana Kristiansson

      Hi Joonas
      Regarding materials for backpacks, I snooped around in my network and got some tips:

      European (and Swedish) supplier:
      Give them a call so they can guide you further, talk specifically with Mats or Pernilla. Extremely professional and knowledgable people with great materials.

      Taiwan: Many suppliers have bluesign and recycled goods. They have a bit higher MOQ. best tip is Hoyu (Chloe på They have a lot of canvas structures and och mixed materials like NY/CO or T/C.

      Korea: Dongjin are the first Korean supplier with bluesigned materials. Also have recycled and solution dyed. Contact A second company is Pangrim, contact person: or

      China: Leejo are gigantic and they have all sorts of materials. Contact

      Do you know the outdoor fair ISPO If not, it’s something you could consider visiting in February. There you can meet many suppliers and manufacturers and also see what’s going on in the outdoor industry, attend seminars on sustainability etc and grow your network. We usually go there every year, and this last fair we also had a workshop on How to start a sustainable apparel brand.

      Hope this helps:-D

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      Ana Kristiansson

      Hi again Joonas

      Just stumbled upon this right now, could this be something?



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        Joonas Luotonen

        Thanks Ana! This was helpful. Qwstion looks amazing too. ISPO is in my mind, but I haven’t committed myself to it yet though.

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      Charlotte Magnani

      Hi everyone,

      I’m wondering if there are any updated recommendations for sustainable sportswear suppliers, manufacturers or designers that you know of (ideally in Europe as I am based in Europe and want to reduce carbon footprint). The product relates to cycling kits for women.

      Thank you,

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      Klas Kristiansson

      Hi Charlotte,
      The best manufacturer for cycling and specially if you want to create sublimated products, you can check out
      and contact Kevin Van Lancker. They have plants in Romania and Latvia. Plus they have a pretty impressive machinery park and when it comes to sustainability they are pretty pretty advanced. Plus they also specialize in bikewear.😊

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